Pamper Mission 10-01-2023

Dear Friends,

Fall is here! And so are the cooler temperatures in many parts of the world. For me, that means it’s time for a “warm yourself up” Pamper Mission. A nice hot bath sounds great right about now! Set aside some time for yourself- remember you are Finally Loving Yourself and you deserve it- and run a nice warm tub of water. Add your favorite bubble bath or a yummy smelling oil and spend some time relaxing that hard working body of yours. I’m going to be adding a half cup of lemon juice to my tub.

Lemon juice added to your bath water has been said to help tighten and tone unwanted wrinkles, fight against blackheads and bumps, and help with uneven skin tone. Not only that, but it also smells great and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Go pamper yourself! You deserve it!

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