Two Swish and Swipe Questions

FlyLady here:

I got a couple of questions this morning so I found a good explanation for you.

Dear FlyLady,

Why not post FlyLady’s directions for Swishing and Swiping in that bathroom? Others may take notice and help or even apply the method to other bathrooms in their lives?

FlyMary from Michigan

Dear FlyLady,

I have a really quick question about swishing and swiping. I am trying really hard to work this into my morning schedule because I am a payroll SHE, and it really helps, but I don’t think that I have time for it for the same exact reason. To make it quicker, I used your advice and just left the cleanser in a crock beside my toilet. (Top Job – cheap antibacterial cleanser)

My question is about just leaving the cleaner there. Is it safe to do that? My bathroom smells clean because of the cleanser, but is it okay to breathe it in as it evaporates? I promise that I am not a hypochondriac or anything… but I’m just curious I guess… I don’t want to become one!!!

Thanks lots and lots for all you do!!!!
FlyBaby J.

Dear FlyBabies,

It takes all of 30 seconds to swish and swipe your bathroom. If you have little kids who would get into the liquid then I don’t recommend keeping your Rubba Swisha in a crock filled with old shampoo or all purpose cleaner. I actually would not use a cleaner or caustic toilet cleaner in my bathroom I hate the smell of chemicals.

As for posting the directions for Swish and Swipe for the world to see. It is a cute idea but don’t be upset if you are still the only one who does it. Now don’t be a martyr about this. You can show your children how easy it is. Cleaning the bathroom was one of my jobs growing up. I wish I had known about Swish and Swipe back then.

In fact you don’t even need cleaner in your crock to swish the toilet. Just the scrubbing action will keep things from growing in there. I don’t use any harsh cleaning products. Any kind of soap will work. I have been using shampoo that I don’t like very much in my crock. I put one part shampoo and one part water. It smells good too. You can even use your soap slivers by just putting them in the crock and putting some water over them. The soap will not allow germs to grow in the liquid.

Here is the full explanation of Swish and Swipe from our FAQ section
on our website.

What does Swish and Swipe mean?

As part of my morning routine I clean my bathroom. Now this is not the crisis cleaning because company is coming and you have not touched the bathroom in months. This is a daily maintenance that keeps it company ready all the time! I know many of you don’t think that this needs to be done but I assure you that you deserve to clean and fresh smelling bathroom all the time too.

It don’t take much time to do this either. This is why I called it a swish and a swipe. Doesn’t that sound like a lick and a promise! Quick and easy! Here is how it works and once you establish this habit, your bathroom will never look and smell dirty again.

To accomplish this you need a couple of things to keep in your bathroom. I have my favorite window cleaner in each bathroom just for this purpose along with a roll of paper towels or purple rags. You can use what ever you like just so you don’t have to leave the room to swish and swipe. You will have no excuse to get sidetracked if you will do this.

Here is the swipe part. I take the window cleaner and a rag and wipe off the mirror and then the counter, faucets and sink. Bam it is just that fast. Now I do this as I am getting dressed and I put my things away. Do you hear me! put your stuff away as you use them this keeps your counter clear and easy to wipe down.

Then I take that same paper towel or purple rag and head toward the toilet. I
keep a toilet bowl brush beside each toilet in our home. They are kept in a crock (one like you put kitchen utensils in). I keep a mixture of old shampoo and water in it. You could use old body wash or bubble bath that you hate. Soap is soap as far as I am concerned.

We have a great Rubba Swisha to help you keep your toilet clean.

Each morning take the brush and let the excess shampoo solution drip off; if it
is thick you may have to water down the solution a bit so it will drain well. Then take the Rubba Swisha and swish it around in the toilet. Even if you don’t use any soap; you will keep stuff from growing in there. Then wipe off the back of the toilet with the used paper towel or rag, then the seat, the rim and lastly the sides and floor. If you have little boys you know how they miss. Then toss the rag in the laundry or the paper towel in the trash. When you do this once a day you will find that your toilet is always fresh as a daisy.

There you have it Swish and Swipe! This takes all of about 1 minute
from start to finish but you have to have everything in the bathroom
so you have no excuses to not do this.

Now go gather up some window cleaner for the bathroom and look in the
bathroom closet for some shampoo that will work for swishing the toilet.

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a Clean toilet when you are sick! –


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