January Habit #8 Carry On

Dear FlyLady,

I am actually getting ahead of myself a little here, as my sink has been wiped down, but has not had the 101 treatment

I am planning to do that on two sinks tonight (about to leave work and go home now), my kitchen sink and the sink in the utility room. They are both stainless steel, and I am working on getting my laundry/utility room up to scratch, so I figured whilst I am doing one sink I shall do both.

Love your 31 days of baby steps. It so happens, that I am going on holiday within those 31 days, but the days fit in perfectly. We are (partially) self-catering, so I still have a sink to shine, I can’t go out naked, and the rest is building the control journal, which I am doing as I go along, as I am setting up my planner for 2019. And the day I return is Day 26: You are not behind! How perfect is that?!? And I have also seen somewhere that you can mark yourself as being on holiday, so if it comes to it, I can still do that, and carry on where I left off on my return.

I always give up on things, but I have a feeling I may be able to stick this one out 😊

Thank you for all the free content you are providing!

Kind regards,

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