Playing Catch Up on Saturday; Not with FlyLady

Dear Friends,

Growing up with a mother who was a public school teacher was tough. There were five women in one small home. The one thing I remember most about growing up was always rushing around trying to get to school on time.

Our lives were total CHAOS. Each day the house would get messier. By the time Saturday rolled around, we could not find anything. We had no one to teach us how to clean or even how to pick up after ourselves. There were piles of dishes and clothes. The bathroom was terrible and you could not even walk through our living room.

When we got up on Saturday, we had to clean house. Not that we wanted to; it was demanded of us. It was held over our heads. We wanted to be with our friends on Saturday night but if the house was not cleaned to Mother’s perfectionist standards we had to stay home.

My job was the kitchen. After a week of making food. I won’t call it meals because I do not remember sitting down at a table to eat. I would make something that I knew how to cook; mac and cheese or spaghetti. Can you tell I only knew how to make carbs? The only problem was I cooked but I never learned to clean up after myself as I cooked. So by the end of the week the sink will filled with dishes and there was no place on the counters. Food was dried on the dishes and the pots and pans. It seemed like it took hours to get the kitchen cleaned. Well it did because everything needed to soak.

As I look back on our hectic teenage years; I realize that we did not get up in time to get ready for school. It makes me nauseated by the thought of that now. Every day started out with rush, rush, rush! I am so happy that I don’t live like that any longer.

It wasn’t until 1999 when I started getting organized that I finally figured out why I was always playing catch up! Well I didn’t figure it out on my own. I asked a born organized friend how to keep my house clean after I got it ready for Thanksgiving guests. She looked at me like I had 4 eyes and said, “Marla all you have to do is clean up and pick up after yourself. If you get it out; put it away.”

That would have been a great solution to our problem as teenagers.

  1. Pick up and put away our stuff in our rooms.
  2. Clean up the dishes as I cooked and after dinner.
  3. Pick up dirty clothes and towels

That would have made a huge difference in the CHAOS that we lived in as kids with a working mom who did not get enough sleep.

Are you ready to change the way you live; just by doing this!


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