My Husband Messed Up My Rags

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 1.45.05 PMDear FlyLady,

What do you tell people when they mess up their purple rags?

My husband “broke” our purple rags by putting them in the dryer with a dryer sheet. Now they don’t work as well. Can you recommend how to fix them? i.e. remove the waxy dryer sheet coating? I can’t justify the money to get more, in case we accidentally break those too.

I have found a couple of posts online about this, but it would be really good to send out a “how to” or do a fun encouraging video. Then we can all fix our purple rags and get excited about flying again.


Dear Shelly,

I don’t think your purple rags are broke; they are just temporarily taking a vacation. When you have a tool that works, you will use them all the time.

Let’s look at the ways that you can break your purple rags on.

Your husband puts them in the dryer with a dryer sheet. First, he didn’t mean to do this. Second, he was doing laundry.  Be thankful. Accidents happen. Laugh about it and let it go!

Dryer Sheet or Fabric Softener

To fix this all you have to do get the oily residue or fabric softener out of the purple rag. There are several ways to do this.  Try one or all. Rinse well.

1. Rewash and very hot water. You could boil it if washing does not work.
2. Put in your bathtub and use them to exfoliate your skin. Then rewash.
3. Soak in vinegar or lemon juice to dissolve the residue.
4. Wash several times and hang up to dry.
5. To keep this from happening again; don’t put them in the hamper.
6. Tell your family that you will wash them or teach them how.
7. I wash mine in the kitchen sink.  If they are new; use a bucket because of dye content. You do not want to stain your sink.

Washed with Towels

1. You have to get the lint off of them.  You can use the the Rubba Scrubba for this while wet.

2. Rewash by themselves. Then brush with the rubba scrubba while wet.

3. If all else fails, get out your duct tape or lint roller. After you do this, rewash then hang to dry.

Garbage Disposal

Well I have only heard of this one time. LOL Get ready to laugh.

Dear FlyLady:

null I thought you’d get a laugh – I was missing one of my wonderful  purple cleaning rags for several days, and I just found it – in the disposal!  I’ve used the disposal at least 3 or 4 times since it went missing.

Here’s a picture of it right out of the disposal with just a rinse – the edges are a little frayed, but other than that its in remarkable condition!

These purple rags are amazing!

Loving all you do,


FlyLady here; Marjie, you may need a new garbage disposal. These rags are tough but I never dreamed they could survive a garbage disposal. Thank you so much for the laugh!

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