You have Changed My Life

Dear FlyLady,

I Love the size of your calendar! And the lines! I have never had one with lines! I’ve always had to live by my calendar that is one habit I’ve had since I’ve been working. Growing up in a household with many kids and relatives there was always chaos! Then out of the house working full time I needed a Calendar for all the birthdays I needed to remember & the schedule that I had working.

Now I’m a part time worker & Mom and I can’t remember stuff because I get sidetracked. Plus that a daughter in first grade and a son in two half days of preschool, working husband and a me I have taken your advice and I color-coded with highlighters. Each Family member has a color and I have enough room at the bottom for what we will be having for dinner like you told us! As well as room for appointments, school activities, doctor’s appointments and work related.

I am a grateful FlyBaby, I enjoy listening to you! You have no idea how you have changed my life! I have a lot of decluttering still to do but I am doing it! And reading your website to keep me focused!

It also dawned on me when you said Or wrote “I can help you IF you take my words and Put them into action” I got up and started going to work! And I felt so much better blessing my family. You have a wonderful way with words that reach my heart and soul.

I thank God you are up on that mountain with all your wisdom to pour out on us with your loving voice!

Thank you FlyLady you are an Angel- you have definitely earned those purple wings!

Flybaby in Connecticut

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