My Bathroom Needs a Make-Over

Dear FlyLady,

Our bathroom is not ready for company. I won’t let anyone in it. Please help me give my bathroom a make-over.

FlyBaby P.

Dear FlyBaby P.

This past week I have been sprucing up my bathroom. It is the main bathroom in our home. I had not really changed to look of this room in the last 18 years since we remodeled. I started by decluttering my baskets.

bathroommakeoverThese baskets were worn out and ugly. I was able to eliminate one big basket and and rearrange the shelving. My everyday clothes were decluttered by half. Robert made me some simple dividers in the bins. I had the small basket and bought the bins. They were only $35 for four of them. I only used three. Then I cleared my bathroom counter. I love the fresh new feeling of my bathroom. Just a few simple changes made all the difference.

Now I am in purple puddles. This is the feeling I want you to have every single day. I want peace to open up its arms and hug you when you walk in the door. It all starts with that shiny sink. This feeling is contagious.

I know you can’t see the importance of shining your sink when the rest of the house is overwhelming you! But you have to start someplace and this is where I started.

Go shine your sink and practice keeping shining. When you do this, the dishwasher will get emptied because you need a place to put your dirty dishes. You can’t put them in that clean and shiny sink after all. Then your counter tops get clear because the sink is beautiful. Then the stove says clean me too and before you know it your whole kitchen
is gleaming and all you really did was shine your sink. This doesn’t happen all at once.

If we did it all at once we would crash and burn. You know how you used to clean your bathroom. We have all done this. Wait till we just could not stand it another day and then spend 4 hours trying to get rid of the crusted on gunk. After we had pushed ourselves past our limit; we don’t ever want to clean another bathroom and guess what? We don’t! Crash and burn at it worst. All because we didn’t take babysteps.

One morning I did an interview with a magazine. Sondra had done a story about us for her little magazine a few years ago. She told me that she had to clean her bathroom before she called me. She asked me how long it took me to scrub my tub. I told her 30 seconds and she could not believe me.

I went on to explain our Bathroom zone and Swish and Swipe. Every day when I was letting the water drain from the tub I would take my little bathtub scrubby ball and put some of my bath gel on it and wipe down one side. The next day I would do the other side. Then the third day I did the bottom of the tub at the front then on the fourth day I did the bottom at the back. On the fifth day I did the edge of the tub where I set my bath stuff.

Thirty seconds once a month when we are in this zone and while I am already in the tub is not much to ask of yourself. You don’t have to put on rubber gloves and wear a mask to
clean your tub. It doesn’t take harsh chemicals either. It is the same soap you put on your body that makes the ring anyway. Soap is Soap!

Soap cleans Soap! All you have to do is focus on doing just a little every day and your bathroom will never look and feel yucky! If you are not going into your bathroom several times a day; it could mean that you are not drinking enough water. That is another essay!

Each time you are in your bathroom put one thing away or throw something in the trash! While you are sitting on your throne, survey the landscape to see what you could put away after you have finished. Don’t jump up right then. Oh and if you running out of toilet paper
then let your “Do It Now” principle kick in! Get out another roll when you finish. Nothing says I love you like a fresh roll of toilet paper when you really need it. Who knows you may be blessing yourself by this action.

Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be recipe for Crash and Burn. Take the babysteps each day and your bathroom will never seem that dirty again. Practice a “Swish and Swipe” each morning and you are going to smile every time you walk in there!

This smile says you are FLYing!


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