What is Swish and Swipe?

swish and swipeHelp me FlyLady!

What exactly is swish and swipe?

I think I get the swipe part, but what is the swish? It stops me from even trying because I cannot picture the task.

Please advise!



Dear Kathy,

This week we have been focusing on the main bathroom of our homes. Many people have asked why cleaning our bathrooms is not included in our Weekly Home Blessing Hour. The reason I don’t include bathrooms in our WHBH is because we teach you how to Swish and Swipe every day.

Now for the most dreaded job in your home. No one likes to do this but when you do it every day you can keep stuff from growing in the toilet: Swish. Everyone deserves to have a clean toilet, especially when you have a stomach bug.

You don’t even need to use a harsh cleaner. I have just used the brush and nothing else. I keep my Rubba Swisha (toilet bowl brush) sitting in a crock. This is similar to the kitchen utensils holders we have gotten rid of in our kitchens. You can also use an old vase you have hiding under your kitchen sink. Now you can’t do this if you have children or pets. I fill my crock with old shampoo (I didn’t like) or slivers of old soap bars and water.

Soap is soap in my book and anything will clean a toilet if you do it every day. All you have to do is pick up your Rubba Swisha (toilet bowl brush) (I have one in every bathroom in our home) and scrub the inside of your toilet. After you do this put it back into its holder and wipe down the back, seat, and sides of the toilet with that paper towel you are holding.

This all takes a grand total of 45 seconds to do this; from the mirror to the floor with a Swish and a Swipe and you are done! Do you see how simple this really is? In a minute you have cleaned your bathroom.

If you have more than one bathroom be sure and drink your water. Then each time you need to potty use a different bathroom. Always keep a toilet bowl brush, bottle of Windex and a purple rag or paper towels in each bathroom this keeps you from procrastinating.

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