September Habit #30 My New Evening Routine Rocks

Dear Flylady,

Last year I tried to do a bedtime routine but it didn’t work. I am studying to become a Buddhist nun and my classes usually end around ten pm. Afterwards, if DH was hungry, I’d cook, then I’d clean and walk the dogs. Then I’d sit and veg out in front of the television until after midnight. Then I’d wake in the morning, exhausted, grumpy with clutter to contend with and sometimes even dishes left in the sink.

That all changed this year. I asked my Lama if I could leave class half an hour early so I could get to bed at a reasonable hour. He agreed. I began washing dishes as soon as dinner was fixed. I would make DH a snack if he stayed up late and wanted something. The dogs were fed and walked. The dog dishes washed and put away. My clothes are laid out in an empty laundry basket, ready for the next day. All I had to do was wash my face, brush my teeth, and go to bed.

My new evening routine rocks. Thank you for this months habit. It’s great. Thank you.

Flybaby Patricia

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