Spiritual Renewal

Dear Friends,

With your routines, you do the same little jobs over and over every single day. This is not as monotonous as it sounds. I promise. I know FlyBabies are very creative people. We hate structure, because we feel that it bogs us down. Well our routines do just the opposite for our minds. They free up our creative minds to think about other things, because our bodies are going the daily rituals of our home: Routines!

As you begin to train your muscles to do certain tasks one after another, you no longer have to strain to focus on what has to be done next. It becomes automatic.

My morning routine has become my time for praise and worship to start my day. I put on my favorite uplifting spiritual music and fill my soul with thoughts on my Holy Father and bless my family by doing my daily routine/ritual all at the same time. When you look at your routines as a blessing on you and your family, you are doing God’s will. I do not believe that we can separate the two. Putting my heart and soul into focusing on God while doing my routines is a good thing. This is when I get many of my God Breezes.

My mind is open to His loving guidance and I am continually amazed by the essays that He gives me that are from a direct prayer request to Him from you. You tell me about them all the time, in your testimonials and comments. By spending this time with my mind only thinking on God and listening to wonderful spirit-filled music, I am able to let go and let God mold me into all He wants me to be.

When your routines become so automatic, then you don’t have to think on them and you can put your mind on things of the spiritual ream. There is no better way to get a blessed day started.

If you are having a problem with your routines not being automatic, they are too big. Do you hear me. I had to start with one item to focus on: shining my Kitchen Sink. Then I added getting dressed to shoes, and then while I was getting dressed, I started swishing and swiping my bathroom. All of this only takes a few short minutes, if you incorporate them while you are getting dressed. Right away is the easy way. Do it while you are there and then you don’t have to think about it the rest of the day. Believe me, I have more productive things to do than go back and clean a bathroom.

This is not rocket science either, just wipe down the sink and counters, put away the toiletries, take a toilet bowl brush and swish it around the toilet once for good measure(without cleaner) and wipe up little boy messes on the floor.LOL Most of this can be done with a dirty towel that is left laying on the floor any way. You don’t even have to use any kind of cleaner or paper towels, just a little bit of water will do fine and then dry the sink and the counter off and toss the towel in the dirty clothes. If you have little ones, you may want to keep a disinfectant spray to use on the surfaces they touch. At least do that once a week. Now don’t get picky on me, because you have not been doing any of this and your bathroom has never been company ready. I hate this term, because we should treat our family better than we treat company, but that is another essay that may need to be recycled soon.

Once I am dressed, I grab a basket of laundry if one looks close to being a load and toss them in the washer. When I walk out of my bedroom, my bed is made, I do this as soon as my feet hit the floor!

The bathrooms are clean. I purposely get dressed in both bathrooms so I can touch them up daily. As I leave our bedroom, I always turn around and check out how beautiful and peaceful it feels and then I smile and pat myself on the back.

Then I go to the kitchen. Unload the dishwasher, if it needs it and start thinking about my day. My music has already built me up in spirit and now I am ready to take care of me. I eat my breakfast, take notes on my God Breezes and check my calendar for appointments.

All of this takes 20-30 minutes tops. If I need to take a bath in the morning, it will take 30 minutes. This whole time is so automatic, that I just glide through my morning routine/ritual and enjoy every minute. You see it is not drudgery to me, it is worship.

If you have never looked upon this time as a way to commune with God, you are missing out on a great time to renew your spirit and fill your soul with His love, all the while blessing your family and doing His will.

FLYing is so easy when you start your day on the right foot,


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