Did You Skip Home Economics Class?

Dear Friends,

When I was in high school most every girl took at least one Home Economics class and the guys took shop class. I had four years of Home Economics but I also had four years of math and science too. I missed out on shop class but I was blessed to have a step-father with a tractor shop so I learned how to work on cars and fix things. I guess I had a pretty well rounded education.

Now let’s look at what is going on in high schools today. There are very few vocational classes. (My mother taught Vocational Office Education) Most students are on a college trek. That is fine for some but these students are graduating without the simple skills they will need to even have a home.

I feel that students are being tossed into home pond and being told to sink or swim. If you are born organized you can handle this, but the majority of us who are perfectionist and don’t have a clue where to start. Maybe this is not something we learn in school.

Even though I had four years of Home Economics that did not prepare me to take care of my home. I learned as a child from my mother that you only clean when granny is coming. Sure I could sew and cook. I could balance a check book and recover a chair but no one ever taught me how to establish habits, string them into routines, let go of my perfectionism, and stop procrastinating.

I always thought something was wrong with me. It was only after I made my new year’s resolution to get organized that I realized my problem was a lack of habits. I was not stupid. There had to be a better way than cleaning for three days to get ready for company.

When I finally figured it out; I began to establish habits in babysteps. One each month and then put together simple routines. My book is a great place to start. So you see, missing out on Home Economics Class may not be the problem but getting rid of our perfectionism could be the solution. I am learning that 2 minutes can make a huge difference in how my home looks.

Are you ready to Fly two minutes at a time?


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