My Life Changed

Dear FlyLady,

This email has been a while coming.

A friend introduced me to your website in Feb this year. She’s a mom of 5 children and someone I’m always inspired by. When she offers advice I listen closely because even with 5 children she’s the calmest kindest person.

So I went into your site. Signed up for the weekly emails and my life changed! Literally.

I couldn’t believe how just 15 minutes a day could help me move from a state of being overwhelmed to a state of productivity. The results were obvious in my home. The routines started taking shape. The monthly habits are incredible. And though I’m very new to this, and often don’t participate in the day to day routines due to raising 2 small boys and having very limited time, however there are absolute nuggets which have exponentially transformed my life and home. Ive listed them below and I wonder how I lived prior to these.

1. Planning my outfit the night before. This saves me such time I’m amazed every day.
2. Keeping dish washer empty and filling it throughout the day. Oh my how manageable.
3. Menu planning. Wow.
4. Never cook on high. Slow cooked meals made with love not pressure certainly do taste so much better.
5. Anti procrastination days. These are my absolute best. The satisfaction that comes from achieving things that have been on my list for months is a reward in itself.

Honestly I’m left speechless. If I’ve only managed to maintain these and my life has changed, imagine when I follow your routines fully. Amazing.

Thank you
>From chaos to calm in South Africa

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