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Papers Are Mounting

My biggest challenge is paper clutter. With six kids (five are in school), a lot of papers come into the house everyday.

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Pamper Mission 09-24-2023

It’s a new week and you know what that means…

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Ask FlyLady: We Need Help with Decluttering

I’m 65 and husband 70. Both retired. Both able to clutter and hoard stuff. It’s so hard for me to develop and maintain a “habit” for longer than a week or so. Then I lose interest and motivation.

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Pamper Mission 09-17-2023

Fall is almost here! And so are

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Where Do I Draw The Clutter Line?

I do like the dishes–but… I’m both afraid to use them and get them chipped and afraid not to use them and offend Grandma.

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Unexpected Bonus of FLYing

I have a big surprise waiting for you the next time you go shopping

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A Calendar for Your “On The Go” Life

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am you have made a mini calendar for us.

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It Takes Two

I recently ordered my first set of purple rags and wow are they handy!

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I am Adding to my Clutter Problem

When I go shopping for something in particular I tend to buy more than one.

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My Favorite Day of the Week

Thank you for giving me my favorite weekly holiday, Anti-Procrastination Day.

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