Who We Can Become

Dear FlyLady,

I must say I have tunnel vision and have a few OCD traits. That being said I used it as a crutch. I overscheduled my volunteer hours because I felt appreciated outside my home. This got bad-has codependency written all over it.

I dropped out of a musical, after 1 practice, because they added a 4th practice each week.

I stayed home and got serious about the 27 boogie fling. Maybe a bit overzealous but it worked out well. 2 weeks later my main floor was lived in and could be toy free in 10 minutes. My second floor was spotless.

I write to say that I am happier, will pick up and go in 10 minutes and I enjoy coming home without dragging a bunch of purchases in wondering where they are going to go.

Two days ago my 16 year old niece said my home looked bigger and felt calmer. She didn’t know what I had done differently but she liked it.

Thank you! When we dig ourselves out from under a the things we think we need we find out who we are and who we can become.

Flying in Indiana

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