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Good morning,

I’ve only been following the fly lady method for 10 days, but already there has been so much positive change that I had to send an early testimonial haha.

I have never been the most neat or organized person, but I managed to keep our home at a fairly decent level until I became pregnant with our second child. It was a tough pregnancy, I was in pain often and had to be on bed rest for the second half. This was while caring for a typically super active toddler. My husband also would be working 60-70 hour weeks, so you can imagine how quickly the house descended into utter chaos.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, our second child is 5 months and wanting to be on the floor with her big brother, but the mess made it so that I didn’t want to have her there. That’s when I started searching for “quick cleaning methods”. Thankfully instead I came across your method. And in just 10 days, our lives have improved a lot.

I started with the 31 day baby steps, but of course read ahead and on day 10 saw that it’s the doing 15 minutes with a timer. I also read your 27 pickup boogie. So while going along with the days, I also included those 2 steps each day. I have to tell you, starting with having a shining sink gave me so much motivation to keep up with the days and the 15 minutes/27 pick up. And in just 10 days, our main living space and bathrooms have been transformed. No exaggeration. I am now happy when I walk out of our bedroom on mornings and go to bed feeling like I’m finally a good mother and wife.

Initially my husband was less than supportive but after 1 week when he saw the living area transformed he complimented me on my “hard work”. I told him that it wasn’t so hard, just little steps adding up. So yesterday he came to me and said he’s going to use the method to care for our garden. 15 minutes every day after work rather than waiting for the weekend and working all day.

Thank you so much for sharing your method with the world. I know I’ve always felt I had to do a whole big cleanup to get things in order, but the baby steps really work. I’m a complete believer in your system, and I definitely consider myself a fly baby now.

Warmest regards

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