My Home Blessed My Family

Dear FlyLady,

In one of your podcasts, I’m not sure if it’s the crisis cleaning or home blessing, I cried along side with you when you talked about children not wanting their mothers in their home because it was in such CHAOS. That was so me.

I’ve been fluttering for a few months and have been following the holiday missions. Because of that, when the opportunity presented itself, I was able to spend more time with my family, because my DH had to return earlier from our travel for work. We agreed my parents would drive me back home on their way back to their home. I had no guilt, anxiety or pain at the thought that they would come in or need to use the bathroom before continuing their trip. My home was CHAOS free. I’ve blessed my home and my home blessed my family.

With all the gratitude in my heart,


P.S: My dad is now fluttering himself and I am happy to report he has not lost his keys or left his wallet since having a launch pad to keep everything in the same place. He also has fully embraced swish and swipe. Thank you for all your blessings.

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