Routines Work for Everyone

Dear Friends,

One of the very first things that you learn on this group is that no whining is allowed; Period: End of Sentence.

We are always being asked: Well I work outside the home, I stay at home full time, I work at home, I care for an aging parent, I have a special needs child, I am a single parent, I am pregnant, I have multiple children, I home school: What can you tell me to do?

Bottom line here folks is this: ROUTINES WORK FOR EVERYONE!! No matter what your situation is, routines WILL help you.

You have to have a morning and evening routine. Think about school children, they have the exact same routines EVERY morning when they get to class. ROUTINES WORK! Routines keep you from getting sidetracked and keep your mornings and evenings consistent.

It doesn’t matter one single bit that you have a situation that you think makes you different or special than anyone else. You are all here because you have one main issue and that is that your homes and lives are out of control. We can help you tame them but you have to stop making excuses. Yes, I just said excuses and before I take this any further I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend anyone. I am merely pointing out that each of you will benefit from routines and your situation no matter how hard it is or sad or whatever will change that.

No one ever believes that any one else has it as difficult as they do. This is called “the Grass is Always Greener” syndrome. But if the truth be known no one would trade places with anyone else because each one of us has our own set of difficulties. All of you have issues, this does not mean that you get a special order custom made system just for you. Our system works for everyone. You have to take BabySteps and not expect instant over night success. We do not promise you that. We promise if you follow what we tell you that you will see progress. Your home did not get dirty overnight and will not get clean in a day. With routines and our guidance you will get there.

NOW, what should you be doing? At the very minimum for a morning routine: Get dressed all the way to shoes (hair and face), swish and swipe the bathroom and make your bed. At the very minimum for an evening routine: get clothes ready for the next day, brush teeth/wash face and shine your sink. This is a very abbreviated version of routines to get you started. Don’t minimize that you think this is not enough, it is more than most of you are actually doing. We have thousands of testimonials that will tell you this works. You have to make a commitment that no matter what your personal situation is that routines can and will work. No matter how small.

You might have to be creative, you might have to adapt but you can find a way to make routines fit your life if you are really ready to FLY.


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