Have Some Fun with a Magic Wand

Dear Friends,

As FlyBabies we are put off by anything that sounds like mundane housework! We are a fun loving people. Why do we have to be stuck doing jobs that we think will take us forever, while others are out having great time. I know how you feel!  We have a challenge every day to muster up enough gumption to get moving. This is why I have tried to make everything fun.

Timers have added an extra bit of fun and challenge to a project, and they also keep us on track. We all need to be reminded from time to time what we are working on. We can stay focused if all we have to do is 15 minutes.

House work is such an ugly word. This is why I have tried to help you realize that, you are not working when you are blessing your family! We have been raised to believe that house cleaning is an all day affair. No one needs to spend that kind of time maintaining their home. When you establish your routines and start dancing through your day; every move is blessing your family. This is not like work at all!

I have always hated to dust. My mother made us remove everything from the tables, then dust and put everything back; it took what seemed hours. Now all I do is pull out my magic feather dusting wand and buzz around my home while I am on the phone and before I know it, our whole home, every surface has been dusted. No mess or fuss! It has been done and I felt like a fairy princess gliding and dancing around my home. When was the last time you had that much fun dusting. If you take 2 minutes and feather dust every day, you will never have to see dusty finger streaks on your furniture. You know the ones where someone in the family writes, “DUST ME!” In fact you may never see dirt and dust again. A real feather duster is a fun tool and mine even has some purple feathers in it. I feel so special when I use it.

Just let me warn you, they can be addictive. When your family sees how much fun you are having, they will want to do it for you! Kind of like white washing the fence in Tom Sawyer. Children love them too; a tool becomes a toy that does a job in the hands of your babies. Of course, you have to set the example and teach them how to use it.

Housework doesn’t have to be dreaded, it can become a fun family game with everyone pitching in. You just need to make it enjoyable.

Are you ready to FLY with your feather duster in hand!


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