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My Duster Needs A Bath

HELP! I used my beautiful feather duster on some really dirty mini blinds and now it is looking very poorly.

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How Do I Use a Feather Duster?

I’ve written before and this may be a silly question, but I have been wanting to buy the duster for sometime, but am limited on my budget.

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What is Standing in Your Way

Have you never done a Weekly Home Blessing?

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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me

I have been following you for about a year now and just want to say thank you!

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Help Me Release My Clutter

I’ve been fluttering around for a while now but putting off decluttering.

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Papers are Mounting

I have been checking your website for years and trying to adapt your system to my life.

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Ten Minutes is not Long Enough

I have been on the wagon with your ideas and then off again.

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Have Some Fun with a Magic Wand

As FlyBabies we are put off by anything that sounds like mundane housework!

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Disposables Can’t Beat My Feather Duster

Feather Dusters are Back in Stock! Let me start by saying, I HATE TO DUST! Don’t we all?

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Are Your Allergies Acting Up?

Well, you have definitely proved me wrong! I got soooooo excited…

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