From Super-Sized to Down-Sized

Dear Friends,

We have been living a supersized lifestyle for a very long time. We have homes with lots of closets, big garages and spacious basements. We even drive big cars that bring home more stuff. To make room for more precious things those SUVs have to haul the old unloved stuff to storage units. Our supersized lifestyle needs a supersized paycheck to fund our supersized debt.

As the kids grow up and have lives of their own; all their stuff that you have saved is just waiting for them to come and get it. You think you are holding their stuff hostage so you can see them occasionally, but if the truth be known they don’t want it. So now my question is, why have we held on to things that have no value for our children.

If we don’t downsize our supersized lifestyles, our children will be forced to do it for us after we are gone. We can’t leave them with that burden like our parents did to us. We can’t use our parent’s excuse of living through the great depression. We have the ability to let go of our clutter once and for all time.

I have a fun way to do this. We are going to pretend to move into a new house half the size of the one we are in now. Now don’t panic! You are not all your stuff! In fact all that stuff has been keeping you from having fun. You have spent years organizing it! Now it is time to release your clutter to new homes so that you can find yours.

When you think about moving do not get overwhelmed. We have a systematic way of deciding what we can’t live without. Get out your Give Away, Put Away and Throw Away boxes. Set your timer and just ask a few questions of the clutter. Pick up one item and make a decision.

Have I used you in the last year?
Do I have a place for you in my new home?
Do you make me smile?
Do you have any bad memories for me?
Do I have two of you?

Each week focus on a new room. Spend 15 minutes each day downsizing one little area. Don’t look at the big picture. It has taken years to accumulate all your baggage. The process of moving only the things you love and use will make your current house feel like a brand new home. Then when it comes time to retire to your cabin on the lake, you will be ready to load the truck. Packing will be a breeze!


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