Cheapest Remodel of All

Dear Friends,

We can get so stuck in a rut when our homes are in bad shape. The best remodel of all is to get rid of the clutter and start to really see your home.

Did you know that when I got my home in order with all the clutter gone that I started to love it? I mean I really liked my home even with the 70’s green shag carpet. It is amazing what you can see when your eyes aren’t glued to the clutter everywhere.

When clutter is on every surface you can’t feel comfortable in the space. We need clear areas to feel peace. Clutter causes us to have that closed in feeling and we have to get out of our homes to feel better. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy being home? Get rid of your  clutter and you will find that you don’t have to move to find the perfect house; you are already living in it.

I know you don’t believe me, but the cheapest way to remodel your home to eliminate the clutter so you can actually see what needs to be done to spruce up your living areas. A little paint or soap and water can drastically change your outlook. With the clutter gone you can see and enjoy the forest without all the trees getting in your way. We have had FlyBabies who no longer needed to move, because all of a sudden their home got bigger without wall-to-wall clutter taking up every corner and flat surface in their home. We even have gotten an email about clearing off the magnets and paper clutter from the refrigerator. That one clutter clearing exercise made their kitchen feel larger.

Look around your home and see if you can open up some space by cleaning out a hotspot.

Some of you have complained that you don’t want to clean when you have such yucky furniture. Well decorators like to call this eclectic. We have seen those TV decorators take out half the furniture and add a pillow or two and change a whole room. Did you know that you can do this too, but not until the clutter has left the building. Less is more!

We get to feeling sorry for ourselves because we can’t afford this or that, when all we really need is to be happy with what we have and clean it up a bit. Don’t get stuck in a rut of “ole poor me”! Count your blessings by blessing your home with a little TLC: Tender Loving Care. You have neglected it for long enough, just like you have neglected yourself.

Each day we continue to do the same things over again; washing clothes, doing dishes, folding clothes, dusting and sweeping floors. It is a never-ending procession of things that need done.  When you look at these chores as work, you start to dread doing them. Change your attitude from work to blessing. When you do things for your family and to your home to help your family, you are giving them tender loving care. I like to call this blessing our home. As you pick up a dish to wash it, be thankful that you have had food to feed your growing babies and nourish your bodies. As you fold that unending pile of laundry, your hand loves each and every member of your family. Let go of the martyred attitude and nurture your family with love and kindness. Now I am not saying that you are to do all the work. It is up to you to set the example in love and they will follow. It is all about your attitude toward your home, family, and your life.

I want you to FLY. It is hard to do if you are stuck in the muck of a pity party about the way your home looks and ultimately feels. You can change this by letting go of your victim way of thinking and put a new happy spin on your life. Blessing your home is much more fun than cleaning house!

Release Your Clutter and find your new home with the cheapest remodel of all!


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