The Importance of Shoes

Dear Friends,

This week we are focusing on you taking care of yourself. Since starting FlyLady, I have continually harped on putting your shoes on your feet each morning. I want you to do this and you are not the exception to the rule.

Here is why. Several years ago I sold, Mary Kay Skin Care Products. One main rule for that company was that you could not make a single phone call in the morning unless you were totally dressed, and I mean really dressed! All the way to dress shoes. The reason behind this duty, was that you act different when you have clothes and shoes on. You are more professional. The customer can tell when you don’t feel good about the way you look; even when you think you do.  So if getting dressed makes that big of an impression on someone who can’t even see you, then what is going to happen to those that can see you; mainly yourself.

Putting shoes on your feet that lace up are better than slip-ons or sandals, because they are harder to take off. Instead of kicking your shoes off for a quick snooze on the couch, you actually have to go to a bit more trouble. Maybe in that short instant you will realize that there is something more that you can do. With shoes on those feet of yours, your mind says O.K. it time to go to work. You have no excuse for not taking the trash out or putting that box of give-away stuff into the car. You are literally ready for anything. Believe me, when you get that call from school that your child needs you, or that dear friend calls up and says that see needs to talk, “can we have lunch.” You are ready! including shoes.

I see this problem more in the Stay at home Moms because they don’t have to leave the house each morning, so it is not necessary to get dressed every morning, only their children are going to see them. I want you to listen very closely. You have the most important job of all, raising productive adults. NOW  do you want your children to remember that mom didn’t get dressed until it was time for Dad to get home. Or do you want them to have to answer the door because you are still in your gown and bathrobe. If you would look at your day just like the Payroll Mom and realize that the jobs around the house will take as long as you let it. (All day in most cases because you allow it) and get off your bottom and get dressed all the way to shoes. Because it is time to go to work.

There is one other great benefit to wearing shoes. The first summer I successfully did this for more than a week or two; I didn’t have cracked and bleeding heels. Many rewards are waiting. Now put those shoes on.

I don’t want to hear, well I don’t wear shoes in my house. Well you do now, sister!  Buy or clean up a pair just for that reason. It’s not going to be you that tracks in the dirt anyway. You are still the boss and you can require your children to remove their shoes. What is the problem here? In most homes you have had trouble even finding the floor, much less keeping the carpet clean. Do you even know what color it is supposed to be? And when you vacuum once or twice a week the dirt goes away. Teach your children to not track in stuff. Have a mat outside the door for them to remove unwanted dirt and mud. I bet you have 10 pair of shoes at the door right now. What does that do to your vacuuming schedule? Make the kids take their shoes outside and clean them up, then take to their rooms.  If they had to pay for those expensive tennis shoes they would take better care of them.

That is enough of my rant this morning. Now get dressed and put those shoes on your lovely tootsies.

Lace up your shoes and start to FLY! This is the first day to your new habit. 


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