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This week we are in Zone 4: The Master Bedroom

This month's Habit is: Swish and Swipe

Dear Friends:

Your mission for today is to grab a trash bag, set the timer and start tossing anything that is trash. Sometimes we have hidden trash in our bedrooms, things that are disguising themselves as necessary items but really they are trash. Toss those magazines, the junk mail that has been tossed in a pile, the old perfumes that are never worn but still have a place on your dresser, the old clothes that are on the chair that need to be donated or tossed but are still there, empty tissue boxes etc. Toss toss toss!

Look around your bedroom and ask yourself if there is anything laying around that you would consider trash if it was in a hotel room. Your bedroom should be your very favorite retreat! "This is FlyLady's List that has grown by leaps and bounds..." Copyright 2001 - 2014 FlyLady and Company, Inc.