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This week we are in Zone 4: The Master Bedroom

This month's Habit is: Swish and Swipe

We are in Zone 1 for three days this week; let's make the most of it! Zone 1 is the Front Porch, the Entrance Area and the Dining Room. Today we are going to go on a Trash hunt. Set your timer for 15 minutes and spend 5 minutes in each area. Start with the front porch and gather up whatever needs to be tossed. Got to the entrance area next, look for the junk mail, newspapers, etc., that seems to accumulate here. Next head into the Dining Room, grab anything that is really trash but you just haven't noticed it. The stray napkins, magazines, junk mail, old school papers etc. You all know what seems to pile up! Go get it and toss it! "This is FlyLady's List that has grown by leaps and bounds..." Copyright 2001 - 2014 FlyLady and Company, Inc.