FlyLady’s Favorites


Kitchen Favorites

Krups 203-42 Fast Touch Coffee Grinder
I love my coffee grinder. It also will grind spices for Robert’s cookies. There is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee beans and a great cup of coffee to start your day! ~ FlyLady
Krups 872-42 Bravo Plus Espresso Maker
Here is mine and Robert’s favorite coffee maker; there is no waste with this great tool. One cup is all you need. ~ FlyLady
Krups 453-4C 12-Cup Coffeemaker
When we have our book group over we need to make a big pot of coffee! ~ FlyLady
Cuisinart CJK-17BC Cordless Electric Jug Kettle
I have been known to allow my tea kettle on the stove to boil dry: WHAT A MESS! I no longer have this problem with my cordless tea kettle. It will boil water faster than the microwave! ~ FlyLady

Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper
Robert makes the best gourmet fat free popcorn with this air popper! Here is a popcorn recipe from Robert.
Use good popcorn (Orville Redenbacher is actually as good as they claim). Pop however much, then spread it on a baking sheet. Lining the sheet with aluminum foil makes clean-up easier. Spray the spread-out popcorn lightly with Pam (to make the powder stick to it), then sprinkle it with flavoring. I like Molly McButter’s cheese-flavor powder, but they make other flavors that work pretty well. I have heard of using brewer’s yeast as the flavoring, but have not tried it. Anyway, after you have sprayed and sprinkled it, dump it in a paper bag and shake it up, to spread the powder. Then eat it. ~ FlyLady
Lodge Pro-Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 4-Quart Dutch Oven with Iron Cover
I use my dutch oven for baked beans, cobblers and stews. It is one of my favorite kitchen pots and pans. ~ FlyLady
Lodge Logic 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
I also have a favorite skillet that is iron. It has a second handle for ease of lifting. ~ FlyLady
Calphalon Stainless Steel Collector’s Edition 4-Piece Multi-Pot Set
My pasta pot; also doubles as a steamer for veggies and other things. It is also my stock pot for those turkey carcasses we want to make soup out of. ~ FlyLady

Electronics Favorites

Sony Cybershot DSC-T1 5MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
This is my favorite camera. It fits right in my purse without taking over. I love it, because I can point and shoot. ~ FlyLady
GE 26977GE1 900 MHz Cordless Headset Phone
I have used a headset phone for several years. I have worn out 4 of them from Radio Shack. They quit making them. Now I am using this one. You can do most everything with a headset on. ~ FlyLady
Delphi SA50000 XM SKYFi Radio Receiver
For Christmas last year, my son gave me XM Radio. This year I asked for it in the house. Now I have one in the car and a hook up in the house.
Delphi SA10103 Home Kit For the SKYFi2 XM Satellite Radio receiver
Here is the hook up for the house to your stereo system. ~ FlyLady
Delphi SA10001 XM SKYFi Boombox
Here is the boom box if you want it more portable. ~ FlyLady

Health and Beauty Favorites

EZY Dose Jumbo Weekly Pill Reminder
In order to remember to take my vitamins and supplements; I found this great pill box. It is big enough to hold all my supplements. I keep it right by my chair and it reminds me to take them. Also Robert can see immediately if today’s box is empty. It is a great tool to help keep me on track with taking care of me. ~ FlyLady
Tanita HD372 Pure Geometry Glass Digital Lithium Scale
My sweetie has been weighing himself every morning for years. It is his way of staying in touch with him body clutter. I have learned from his example and I am getting over the sticker shock of that number. Each morning I have been weighing myself and it does not have to ruin my day. It is just a number. ~ FlyLady
Yankee Candle – 22 oz. Candle Jar
I love to burn scented candles. I need to use the ones in glass jars or the small tea lights in votive holders. My favorite scents are the spice ones and storm watch. ~ FlyLady
Yankee Candle Tealights
Here are the tea lights. The beauty of them is they burn themselves out after a few hours. ~ FlyLady
Body Benefits Dual Jet Bath Spa
You all know how I feel about my bathtub. This is where I can relax. Even before I had a garden tub with jets; I always had a portable spa similar to this one. ~ FlyLady
Batherapy Natural Mineral Bath – Lavender
I love my bubble baths. Here is my favorite products for my spa time. This is the bath salts ~ FlyLady
BATHerapy Liquid, Lavender
Here is the bubble bath. It doesn’t take much. ~ FlyLady

Outdoor Favorites

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
I love my birds and squirrels. Even though this feeder says it is squirrel-proof, my squirrels are smart. It holds a lot of sunflower seeds. Every child needs to experience beauty and nature in their back yard. ~ FlyLady
Aspects Hummingbird Hummzinger Feeder
This is my favorite hummingbird feeder. ~ FlyLady
Curtis Creek Manifesto
I have a lot of people ask me to teach them to Fly Fish. This is my favorite book to help them learn. Required reading is four times. I have one student that has read it twenty-two times and each time he reads it; he learns something new. If you know someone that has in interest in Fly Fishing this is the book to get them. It is in comic book form and is short. My student that has read it twenty-two times kept it in his bathroom. ~ FlyLady
Universal Fly Tying Guide
Now if you want to learn about the flies that you use in Fly Fishing; this book is about Fly Tying but it has big pictures. It will help you learn to identify the fly. ~ FlyLady

Cleaning Favorites

Hoover Floormate
If there was ever one item that we would absolutely not do without, it is her Hoover Floormate. This is also a favorite of Kathy and Jack.

Software Favorites

Adobe Photoshop Elements
An affordable way to design artwork. ~ FlyCrew
Norton System Works
This is what we use to keep our computers safe and in top shape. ~ FlyCrew

Video Favorites

The Color of Money Pay it Forward
It goes without saying, this is one of the favorites of FlyLady, the crew and many fellow FlyBabies!!
Richard Simmons – Disco Sweat
Since I have started my new exercise routine. Richard Simmons has become a regular in my workout. ~ FlyLady
Blue Collar Comedy Tour
This is a favorite of FlyLady and most of the crew.
Top Gun
A favorite shared by many of the Crew!!


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