Today's Holiday Cruising Mission

Mission #1: Clean and Fling!

Dear Friends,

We are ready to kick off the FLYing through the Holidays Cruise!

Your first assignment is a Clean and Fling Mission! When doing your Weekly Home Blessing today grab a small trash bag or one of those plastic grocery bags, make friends with it as you are going to carry it through your weekly home blessing. As you enter each room when you see anything that needs to be tossed just fling it into your bag. It is amazing how much stuff we have laying around that can be tossed that we just don't take care of and before you know it a hot spot is flaring up!

Don't think too hard or obsess over this, just fling, fling and fling some more. Give yourself bonus points if you fill the bag up!! LOL!!

Have fun and remember we are FLYing!

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