Sneak Peek for the Week

Someday 1 - 7, 2011

This week we are in Zone 4: The Master Bedroom

This month's Habit is: Swish and Swipe

Zone 4: Mission #1 Monday

Dear Friends:

Today is the day to get rid of the dust in your bedroom. Dust the walls and the ceilings. Take your broom to get the dust bunnies that you can't reach with your feather duster or dust cloth.

Have you ever noticed how the dust bunnies seem to creep up the walls? LOL!

Then grab a dust cloth/feather duster and dust the flat surfaces of your furniture as well. You will be so surprised at how much dusting you can get accomplished in 15 minutes.

Have fun!

Zone 4: Mission #2 Tuesday

Dear Friends:

Accessories can contribute to some of the biggest clutter problems!

Today I want you to take 10 minutes and purge your jewelry boxes, chest, whatever. Now I am not talking about the family heirlooms here. I am talking about the costume stuff that we have collected, been given or don't even know where the heck it came from jewelry.

Remember the rule: If you haven't worn it in the past year - toss it, don't love it - toss it, and it doesn't bring you joy then you toss it. Those earrings that have been missing a mate for years and you have held on "just in case". Well, if it hasn't shown up by now, it is time to let go.

Let Go of the scarves and belts that you haven't worn in years and you really won't wear. They are just taking up space!

You can throw this stuff away, you can donate it, but get it out of your house.

Zone 4: Mission #3 Wednesday

Dear Friends:

It is anti-procrastination day as we are FLYing through the bedroom. Today you are to declutter 27 things from a closet in your bedroom. Our closets are holding on to some very outdated fashions and some downright bad purchases of our past! Let's fling our way through our bedroom closet today!

Zone 4: Mission #4 Thursday

Dear Friends:

This is one of my favorite missions: Toss your underwear!

When was the last time that you went through your underwear drawer? How many pairs really need to be tossed? Panty hose? Bras? This is one area that SHE's really have a tendency to ignore for themselves. Toss what you can and make it a promise to yourself that you will replace them when you can. Release the tattered, holey, and just plain worn out under-things!

Zone 4: Mission #5 Friday

Dear Friends:

Today is the last day in the Master Bedroom. Take 15 minutes to declutter your dresser. Get the things off the top of your dresser that you have placed there that you were going to put away later. Later is now. Take the time to take care of this, it really makes a great difference. Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2018 FlyLady and Company, Inc.