Sneak Peek for the Week

Someday 1 - 7, 2011

This week we are in Zone 4: The Master Bedroom

This month's Habit is: Swish and Swipe

Zone 1: Mission #1 Monday

Dear Friends:

We are in Zone 1 this week, that is the Front Porch, the Entrance area and the Dining Room.

Today you are to sweep your front porch area around your front door. Shake out your welcome mats and wipe down your front door. This makes a huge difference in how your home looks. We have a tendency to neglect this area and yet it is the first thing that people see when they come to your home.

Spend 15 minutes taking care of this, you will be pleased with the results!

Zone 1: Mission #2 Tuesday

Dear Friends:

We are going to have a multi room mission today, it might take you longer than 15 minutes to do it, so set your timer for each room and FLY through it!

For the Front Porch, Entrance and Dining Room, put out the fires that are burning in your hot spots. Get rid of the pile of shoes by the front door, get rid of the pile of junk mail and put away the magazines and school papers that are piled on the dining room table.

They are smoldering so get to it!

Zone 1: Mission #3 Wednesday

Dear Friends:

Today take a look at the walls and the windows in your dining room. Grab some cleaner and a cloth and go after the finger prints and smudges.

Be careful with the walls as not to rub too hard to remove paint if you have a flat finish.

Zone 1: Mission #4 Thursday

Dear Friends:

We are heading into the Entrance area of your home today. Let's grab all those shoes, books and jackets that seem to pile up right by the front door and put them away. In my house, no one ever drops their things there, they get up and walk there all by themselves! LOL! Grab these things and set your timer. I bet you can do this in less than 15 minutes.

Zone 1: Mission #5 Friday

Dear Friends:

Today we are going to do that in the Dining Room and Entrance Way. Let's go after the ceilings, light fixtures and window sills.

Using a feather duster or dust rag get the window sills, the light fixtures, the dusties in the corners and the ceiling fan if you have one (remember to put something underneath this to catch the falling debris, one member uses an old pillow case and slips it over the blade and wipes so the dust stays in the case.

This is one babystep at a time! Keep Flying! "This is FlyLady's List that has grown by leaps and bounds..." Copyright 2001 - 2014 FlyLady and Company, Inc.