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Dear Friends,

This week we are going Back to Basics! I am kicking this off with an essay about taking it slow and steady!

Last year I attended an end of the year achievement presentation for my grandson’s class. I refuse to call it a graduation because that is reserved for high school and college. Kindergarten is just the beginning of his educational journey!

At this event the two kindergarten classes gave us a glimpse of what they learned this year. They sang songs, recited timelines and preformed skits. One skit was about the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. At the end they yelled out the moral of the story, “Slow and steady wins the race!”

As we walked out the door, I explained to Ethan that The Tortoise and Hare Fable was one of my favorite stories and that I tell people about it all the time. That day I had mentioned “Slow and Steady” on my radio show and that I had a song written to help my ladies understand this lesson. He already understands how music helps us to remember things. Their timeline was to music with actions to represent significant events in history.

We are a lot like that Hare. We take pride in ourselves because we think we work well under pressure. We think we are so good at getting things done! We have two speeds like the Hare too! As fast as we can possibly go and dead stop; that is our crash and burn!

In our haste we forget that “Slow and Steady” does win the race! The race is not about the finish line. It is our journey though life. Are we going to be so exhausted at the end of our day that we can’t enjoy a story with our children? What about in our retirement years? Are we going to dealing with major health issues because we pushed ourselves with adrenalin? Adrenalin is our drug of choice!

We have always been in such a hurry. This is because we have waited till the last minute to start. Our perfectionism is what causes us to procrastinate. We wait till we think we will have enough time to do it all at once. None of us has huge blocks of time any longer. When we learn to break things down into babysteps we can accomplish even the most mundane tasks without going into “Crash and Burn” high speed gear!

Adrenalin is “speed”! It kicks us into hyper drive to handle emergencies! This is how women can pick up a car to save the baby. Our bodies were not meant to have a continuous intravenous drip of adrenalin just to get through a day. Cleaning house is not a reason to put our bodies into overdrive! Daily routines can help us get our homes clean without putting stress on our bodies.

Whenever you supercharge an engine something has to pay. Just ask a guy who put mothballs in a gas tank to make his car go faster. The car will run real fast till is doesn’t. I want you to stop burning out your engine and let “Slow and Steady” become the moral of your story!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!


I have uploaded our song to YouTube for you to hear it. I didn’t allow my perfectionism to get in the way. I added a few FlyLady photos to the video, nothing fancy.

This song is from our FLY CD.

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