Back to Basics Mission #14


Thursday is my day to run errands. I try to pack all my running around into just a few hours in the morning. You may do your errands on Friday. I don’t care when you do them as long as you have one day each week to grocery shop, buy stamps, drop off dry cleaning and library books and purchase nonfood items.

Do you have a list of every place you need to go?
Do you have the items by your door so you don’t forget them. We call that our Launch Pad.
Where is your list? Put it in your purse or better yet tape it to the dash of your car. This way you won’t lose it or forget where you are going first.

While you are shopping only get what is on your list. This will save you lots of money!

When you get back home play a game with putting away your groceries. Bring in a few bags and put them away as fast as you can. Then go back to the car for more!

After everything is put away; send me an email to with I DIDN’T OVERSPEND! in the subject line.

Your errand day is going to save you time and money!

With all that money you save you may want to get our Purple Grocery Bags! They make shopping fun! Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2020 FlyLady and Company, Inc.