Body Clutter: Lowering My Stress Levels

Dear Flylady and Leanne,

My doctor was very surprised and happy with my visit this week. My glucose was 83, and my blood pressure was down 40 points! Yes, 40, and I had even lost a few more pounds. Blessing my body with movement, making healthier food choices, planning my meals: all these have been major tools in my goal towards a healthier body and life.

I had tweaked your “Body Clutter Investigator” to include a box to list my glucose for each meal and my meds for each meal so I would not have to have so many separate charts to keep up with. My doctor was really pleased to be able to see what was going on stress wise, and what I had eaten, with each count.

She made a point to say that more than stress alone affecting our lives; it was our reaction to stress, such as going to the refrigerator for comfort, or acting out in anger, that affected our blood counts, weight, and blood pressure. Getting my house in order, and knowing what I was eating before the last minute and low sugar crisis, has helped lower that stress factor greatly.

She also was impressed with the Menu Mailers and my Body Clutter workbook. I gave the nurse both websites so they could pass along the info to other patients who needed a little help.

So, thank you as I am going to take the afternoon, with my “company-ready” house, to enjoy the day in my garden, as my dinner is planned and my laundry is complete!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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