Body Clutter: Your E-mails Get to Me

Dear FlyLady,

I need your help. The question is, do I need to order Body Clutter? I’ve been flying for almost three years happily, and our house is a dream. Still needs work but 15 minutes to company and a joy. BUT recently you’ve been emphasizing Body Clutter and the brat too.

Well… I don’t think I need it. But you decide, here’s the data: I weigh every day, and recently have seen a brand new number. We went out to get something to celebrate spring. I bought pastel candy! Thinking about it now, why not a scented candle? Some flowers? Bulbs to plant? A hanging for the door? Nope, my brat wanted that candy, she puts up with so much, she deserves it… wait, what does she put up with?

Never mind, I think the answer is obvious. Will order Body Clutter AND go to the brat website (, too. And thanks for the nagging, FlyLady. I can ignore good sense and the brat too (she hasn’t got a name yet, but I’m trying out Yenta), but your e-mails get to me.

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