Pamper Mission #01

Dear Friends,

It’s the season for shopping! Shopping can be very hard on your feet, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you spend this extra time walking and standing. It’s hard to embody the holiday spirit when your feet are crying out in pain.

Pamper yourself with plenty of foot massages. Don’t rush; take your time thoroughly massaging your feet. You will be surprised what a pick me up a good foot massage can be!

If you have a foot spa collecting dust in a closet, wipe the dust off and schedule time for an extra long pampering session this week. You might also have other foot massaging gadgets that you’ve forgotten about such as the wooden massagers that you roll your feet over. Use what you have to make the most of your foot pampering sessions. Another tip is to place marbles in the bottom of a deep dish or pan, fill the pan with warm water, and roll your feet over the marbles.

Finish your massage with your favorite lotion and you and your feet will be in total bliss!

Remember, you’re worth it!


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