Pamper Mission #04

Dear Friends,

This month we’ve been focusing on making regular pampering sessions a part of our life. Caring enough to spend a little extra time nurturing ourselves is a part of learning to FLY (Finally Loving Ourselves.) Regular pampering sessions will help you find the energy you need to carry on through stressful times and give you a general sense of well being that others will notice! When you take good care of YOU, it is easier to meet the commitments you have made to other people in your life which is such a blessing.

This week, let’s go on a mission to search for treats for our eyes. The holiday season abounds with beautiful decorations and lights for us to feast our eyes upon. Take the time to really enjoy the beauty of the season through the eyes of a child. I have seen some spectacular holiday lawn decor this year, but the one that made my inner child smile the most was a display set up by one of my neighbors… a huge sleigh being pulled by a team of red flamingos! LOL

If you haven’t decorated in your home because you live alone or you no longer have children at home, please reconsider. A few simple decorations in your home can put a smile on your face and is well worth the effort, even if no one but you sees them!

Enjoy the beauty of the season!


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