Pamper Mission #11

Dear Friends,

Let’s get back to basics with by pampering ourselves with skin care. Allow a little extra time in your morning and evening routines to fully appreciate and be thankful for the blessings available to us. First, softly splash some warm water on your face, being thankful that you have clean water in which to wash. Apply some cleanser to your face and slowly massage away the makeup and dead skin cells, thinking of how lucky we are to have soap to wash with any time we want. Wash away the cleanser with more warm water or with a warm wet washcloth. Next put a little toner or hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and gently brush this over your face removing the last traces of cleanser and makeup as you breathe deeply, in and out, purposefully willing the body to release any tension. Apply some moisturizer before going to bed or sunscreen/moisturizer and makeup (if you wear makeup) before greeting the day. Look at your pretty face in the mirror, reminding yourself that by caring for yourself, you become more capable of caring for others.

Do what you can to make your corner of the world a better place today. Be patient with someone else who may not have taken the time to begin and end their day on such a reflective, thankful note!

FLYing with a basic daily pampering routine brings comfort during stressful times!


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