Pamper Mission #22

Dear Friends,

I’d like to encourage you to pamper yourself by taking some extra time to accessorize! Just imagine how good you’ll feel when you’re wearing some of your special jewelry, or carrying that cute purse that matches your shoes and outfit, or perhaps wearing that lovely scarf that you just loved when you saw it in the store or when you first knitted it, but never took the time to pair it with clothing from your wardrobe.

As a part of your evening routine, spend some extra time choosing what accessories you would like to spice up your wardrobe with. Jewelry and other small accessories can be placed in a plastic zippered baggie and then can be slid over the hook of the hanger your clothing is on. As you’re making your selections, if you see some items that you don’t truly love anymore, put those in a bag to be donated or tossed.

If the jewelry you chose could use a cleaning, a member shared a tip given to her by a jeweler. Use Windex to make those diamonds sparkle! I tried this tip and my diamond ring sparkled brilliantly! A mild soap and water solution might be more appropriate for costume jewelry.

It’s so easy to fall into a rut and wear the same jewelry and accessories each day. Take a little time to play with all those pretty accessories that have been forgotten in your closets and drawers. You’ll enjoy your new look and will feel pampered as you move through your day!

You’re worth it!


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