Pamper Mission 02/26/12

Dear Friends,

The dry air in our homes and blustery winter air can wreak havoc on
our skin. Be sure to pamper your skin with extra moisture to
counteract the effects of the winter season.

One of our all time favorite pampering missions at is a
bubble bath. Try extending the joy of your bubble bath or shower by
slathering rich lotion on slightly damp skin before dressing.
Consistently moisturizing your skin in this manner will give you baby
soft skin all over. If you have a dislike of applying lotion before
dressing, you may want to try Olay’s Moisturinse in shower body
lotion. You apply this product and then rinse it off before exiting
the shower. I like to use this product because it softens the skin,
but doesn’t leave it oily, so I can immediately dress without worrying
about getting oil on my clothing.

Don’t forget your feet. Slather them with a rich lotion before
putting on your socks and lace up shoes and your feet will feel like
they’ve been to the spa!

Take extra time to pamper your body and soul. You are so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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