Pamper Mission 03/18/12

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite and most relaxing pampering missions is to enjoy a
nice long soak in a hot bath…. Little preparation and expense is
necessary. The lock on the bathroom door ensures that I will enjoy a
few moments of privacy. Thirty minutes of pure bliss for pennies!
What could be better?

To really make bath time a special pampering event, take the time to
light a few candles, play some soft music and fill the tub with warm
water with tons of bubbles. For the ultimate finale, have some kind
soul bring you a warm towel or robe straight from the dryer to use to
dry your skin. If you are home alone, time your bubble bath to end
when a dryer load of towels is finishing and you can complete a task
AND pamper yourself at the same time!

Showers are a great time saver, but try switching to a tub bath
occasionally for extra pampering. You are worth a few extra minutes
spent in relaxation!


FlyLady Dana

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