Pamper Mission 04/01/12

Dear Friends,

As we make a conscious effort each week to learn to love ourselves by
scheduling pampering sessions, sometimes it brings up emotions of not
being worthy of this special time.

This week, focus on positive affirmations. Every time a negative
thought about yourself comes up, replace that thought with an
affirmation. Some examples of positive affirmations are “I AM worthy
of love,” “I am healthy and happy,” “I love myself just the way I
am.” This won’t be easy to do at first, but will feel a lot more
natural as you continue to repeat the phrases that are the most
special to you.

Schedule some time to read some motivational literature to reinforce
this habit. There are so many books that can help you have a positive
outlook on life so that you can recover from life’s hurts. Abuse,
betrayal by friends or spouse, loss of a loved one…… all those
subjects have been written about in a loving manner by authors who
have been there and can relate to your feelings. Let their
experiences and wisdom help you once again feel worthy of love and the
best life has to offer. Books such as these can be wonderful sources
of comfort during trying times when it seems we have no one to lean on.

You are worthy of feeling loved and cherished! Take the time to fill
your emotional tank this week and show that beautiful smile to the world!

Love you all,

FlyLady Dana

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