My Husband is Really Helping me FLY!

Dear FlyLady,

My husband is really helping me to FLY. As we got in the car this morning I frowned and used the P word, because I had been keeping my car so nice and clean by bringing everything in each time I got home, and I had missed some things last night because there was more than usual and my hands were full, after getting inside I got sidetracked and forgot to make a second trip out.

Seeing the items on his passenger seat, I said “Oh, the car isn’t perfect this morning, and I had been doing so well.”

He said “Love yourself! FLY doesn’t stand for finally keep your car clean! That would be FKYCC” which is awkward to pronounce, and made me laugh! It is also not FBP. Finally Be Perfect!

I commute a long way each day, and deserve a car that hugs me, but there is no guilt necessary, it is just for me as a way to love myself, not one more thing to stress over.


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