Are You Thirsty All the Time?

Dear Friends,

Last night I sent out a testimonial about drinking your water. The FlyBaby said she was thirsty all the time. Many Flybabies have written in to remind me that being thirsty all the time is a symptom of diabetes.

Please if you are thirsty all the time get your blood sugar checked. Most of us forget to drink and have to be reminded. If your thirst is always nagging at you please get checked out.

Here is the testimonial that caused our FlyBabies to be concerned. I have email Kathryn as well as sending this out to everyone.

When I was first diagnosed with pre-diabetes I was so thirsty too. I thought something was wrong with my toothpaste. LOL

Here is the testimonial.

Piggy Backing New Habits on Old Ones!

Dear FlyLady,

I have been with you for five years. I still don’t have great routines, and that shiny kitchen sink still eludes me most days (though my made bed, thank you, and my shiny bathroom sink attest to successful flywashing!), but finally, I think I’ve got the drinking water down pat.

I have tried to drink more water throughout the day for years. I am always thirsty, but it hasn’t really stuck. I kept reading countless testimonials about the stainless steel water bottle. I had a stainless steel water bottle from another shop and your purple acrylic water bottle, but I wasn’t using them. The closest I got to success was at work with a glass I kept on my desk and reminding myself to refill.

As I was finally getting better at drinking and refilling the glass, I wanted more and more water. I wanted water on my walk home, I was thirsty for water when I woke up (I have started drinking a glass before I even brush my teeth in the morning; that took some effort!), but I wasn’t using the water bottles I already had.

The purple acrylic one, I must have used for something other than water because the straw mildewed, and that was that. The stainless steel one holds 32oz, making it way too large and impractical for me to carry around. After I made my bed for most of the month, I decided to treat myself to two of your 16oz water bottles. I love, love, love them.

I don’t know that I really needed to have two, but I had the idea that I would have one in the fridge at all times and given that I am in Switzerland, I didn’t want to order one and find that I would use a second and then need to wait (not that the Flyshop isn’t zippy because it is!).

So, thank you for these fantastic water bottles. My personal goal is to drink 96oz of water throughout the day and it has been so easy to accomplish with these awesome stainless steel bottles. They’re the perfect size, lightweight and fabulous!

Thank you so much for all you do!
Flying in Switzerland

FlyLady here: 96 oz of water is easy when you piggy back drinking water with other habits you have already established! I love the tooth brushing piggy back. I keep up with my 96 oz by using colored hair ties on my bottle. As I drink one bottle of water, I roll the hair tie up. By the end of the day they are all rolled up. My timer helps me to remember too.

It is important to stay hydrated. Where the water goes the salt goes! June’s habit is Drinking Your Water! Get your water bottle ordered!

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