Do I Need the Red Duster Mop Head?

Hello Sweet & Wonderful FlyLady,

Here is my question: Do I need the Red Duster Mop Head?

I have the FlyLady Mop & several Blue Microfiber Cloths. These work great to quickly dust mop my floors. After one pass, I take it outside and brush it with my Rubba Scrubba – all the dust & pet hair flies away, and it’s ready to go again! (Go Me! No more disposable refills!)

Does the Red Duster Mop Head do a better job on dust?
Do I shake the dust out of it (like my Feather Dusters)?

Thank you!

FlyBaby G.


Dear G,

No one needs any of our tools! You can use a broom or get down on your hands and knees to do your floors. We all know how anxious we are to do that. LOL This is why we procrastinate!

We give you tools that make cleaning and decluttering your home fun. They are not necessary but they do motivate us.

For years I have looked for a dust mop similar to what is used on gym floors. It is treated with a wax that not only collects the dust bunnies but actually helps to get the dirt up. This red dust mop head is exactly what I was looking for.

I have been using it for several months and I love how it helps me get the daily puppy toe prints up from our floor. The best part is that it is so fast! I don’t drag around doing the floors. I go fast! My floors get done while the coffee is brewing. Then I take it out and shake it or as we say in FlyLady Country; we bless the world!

I have used the micro-fiber cloths for this same thing but I love the red duster head best for Daily Dust Bunny Round Ups! Now when it comes to wet mopping my floors once a week, I use the micro-fiber cloths.

Our mop is versatile. I have even used it on my picture windows with a Purple Rag in Bag and in the shower to clean it!

OH that is a good idea to use our Rubba Scrubba to clean your mop Micro-Fiber cloths. I think I will do that before I throw them in the washer next time I wet mop our floors. We have had two days of rain. I am going to speed 7 minutes doing my floors!

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