I am in LOVE!

Dear FlyLady,

I recently purchased 2 sets of the day-of-the-week dish cloths and 2 16oz water bottles. I am IN LOVE with both products!

My husband loves the dish cloths because now he KNOWS it’s a clean one every day. I put a set in the bathroom and a set in the kitchen, and I’m so happy to get ready for the next day by changing over the towel before I go to bed.

Now, these water bottles are AMAZING! I commute 2+ hours each way to work every day, and I’m never really able to have a cold drink for the whole ride on the bus and train because my old bottles would sweat and the ice would melt and it would be warm water for me.  I will admit that I’ve tested out the bottles to see if you really knew what you (and those people that wrote the bazillion testimonials you share!) were talking about when you touted them as the best. But these babies keep the ice frozen for a LOOOOOONG time! And even after it melts, the water stays ice cold! I bought the second one for my husband, who does landscaping and never drinks enough. He usually keeps his drink in the truck, where it gets 1000 degrees hot and then doesn’t drink it! I wanted to bless him with this bottle so that he stays hydrated and happy while he’s working. Now, if only it came with a beeping notification when he starts to leave the house without it…

Thanks for searching out the best products for us! Oh, and they came in the mail a mere 5 days after I ordred them! Talk about speedy!
~FlyBaby Alessandra in Massachusetts



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