I Guess I Procrastinated Too Long

Dear FlyLady,

I fear that I have procrastinated too long. Are you getting any more grocery bag sets? I hope so. They are just what I need :). The purple is beautiful and the insulated bags would be so helpful here in Florida.

Thanks for all you do, and the wonderful products you offer. I use the calendar, water bottle, feather duster and Office in a Bag, as well as the Rubba Scrubbas. The Rubber Scrubbas are so great that I give them as gifts. My friends’ pets really enjoy their brushings.

Marilyn A Florida fan


FlyLady here: We have plenty of Grocery Bag Sets. Today is Anti-procrastination day! You are the one who usually gets hurt when you procrastinate. With school starting you are going to need a calendar!


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