Where Do You Store Your Rubba Swisha?

Dear FlyLady,

Where do you store it? I have toilet brushes that sit in a stand…don’t know what I’d do with a dripping, dirty toilet brush. I have both the Rubba Sweepa and the original Rubba Scrubba and love them both.


My Dear Friends,

Swishing and swiping is one of our foundation habits that keep our bathrooms always company ready. We love to see things in pairs; Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cake and Ice Cream, Ham and Eggs, Jack and Jill, and Swish and Swipe!

We already have a great pair for our Swish and Swipe; our Purple Rags in a Bag and our purple Rubba Swisha. As for a holder to put it in we decided against it. We all have clutter hanging around that will keep your brush from dripping on the floor. In 5 minutes I ran through my house and found 7 or 8 things that would hold the Rubba Swisha. This many and I don’t have a lot of clutter.

For many years I have suggested that an efficient way to keep your toilet clean is to get a vase from underneath your sink and place your toilet bowl brush in that. I also recommended to keep a solution of one part shampoo, bubble bath, soap or body wash that you don’t like in the container with one part water. This is just enough soap to give your toilet a good swish. It is the act of swishing that keeps stuff from growing in there.

Now let me ask you this question. Why would we want to add to the weight of shipping this great tool; not to mention the price of it? For 7.49 you get a great tool and don’t have to purchase more clutter. You also get to recycle something that has been gathering dust.

For years I have used a crock that you put your kitchen utensils in. This holds just enough soapy water to cover the brush. The soapy solution will not allow mold to grow in the container.

In my 5 minute search, I found a flower pot with no hole in the bottom, a fish bowl, another utensil holder, an empty sugar container, Clorox Wipe container, a piece of pottery and a beautiful vase my sister gave me for Christmas. I’ll bet you can find many more things than that. My son said his old holder fit the new Rubba Swisha.

So let go of your paired perfectionism and go green in a purple kind of way! Find something hiding in your clutter to turn into your Rubba Swisha holder. You are creative! Check under your kitchen sink!

Here is your Swish and Swipe Pair!

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