Keep Decluttering

Dear FlyLady,

When we started our habit-of-the-month for February, I truly didn’t think it would be so life-changing and invigorating.

I reasoned that I’d get to spring-clean out a few closest, but that might be all.

Instead, I emptied over 15 boxes of STUFF we’d had still taped up from our move over a YEAR ago. We found some stuff, tossed some stuff, and donated bags and bags.

These 15 boxes lived in my 2-year-old’s bedroom, covered in sheets and used as “tables.” Now, my little boy has a clutter-free room, and I am flying higher than ever.

Oh yeah, and I’ve decluttered my other junk room, too: the playroom. I’ve gotten rid of so much and organized the rest that I’ve been inspired to FINALLY paint that room. It is a happy, sunny, yellow and pulls triple-duty as a craft room (that’s the closet), a play room, and a guest room.

It is clean and beautiful and guilt-free. Thanks, FlyLady.

Your system works great for me. Oh, and did I mention my shiny sink?

Soaring in Wisconsin Dells

FlyLady here: We are going to continue to encourage you to declutter..after all we want you to fling 40 boxes in 40 days!

The declutter kit and the timer are two tools that help you with this new habit.

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