This is a Funny Tip but Not Recommended

Dear FlyLady,

I love the purple rags in a bag. I’ve bought 2 sets already and will buy more on payday. I need a rag in each room of the house and in each car. I must admit though, I don’t follow directions well. I was reading the e-mail this evening about the care for the purple rags.

Well…I don’t wash them first. The first things the new rags are for is washing dishes! I love having PURPLE suds!! It makes the job more fun and I feel like FlyLady is cheering me on to get finished. Once I don’t have anymore purple suds then they get put into regular rotation. It’s a nice way to make certain the purple doesn’t get on my DS&DH’s t-shirts while I get a FlyLady hug when I do dishes.

A San Antonio FlyBaby.

FlyLady here: This is funny! Please be sure and rinse your dishes well. Maybe even wash them again. I would not recommend this. If you want purple soap suds then use a little red and blue food coloring. Please wash your purple rags alone before using them. I use a bucket to rinse mine in hot water because hot water makes colors bleed. Maybe we will get a lighter color purple next time.

The dye does not effect how well they work! If you have not seen my Dirty Door video then go check out how well our Purple Rags work!

Dirty Doors!
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