No More Clogged Sink

Hi Marla and friends!

I thank all of you for all the hard work you do for us FlyBabies!

I appreciate knowing on an off day, I can read my email and be immediately motivated to do  SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. I am getting better at recognizing that “perfect” angel sitting on my shoulder yelling at me for not doing something perfectly.

Instead, I turn to her and smile: You don’t have to do it perfectly, Just getting it done will be fine!

I had to send you a note about the clog cannon~ we received it late one night,
so I was in bed (Going to bed at a decent hour doesn’t apply to delivery men

The next day, I was taking it into the bathroom to unclog a very slow moving sink…my DH follows me in there and, wouldn’t ya know? He takes it from me and starts “playing” with it….and poof! The sink is flowing well, and my DH keeps going on the sink because he is having FUN.

I am happy camper, and the DH got to play.

Hmmmm….now to order more “toys”…THANKS!

Flybaby Mary in AZ Clog Cannon

FlyLady here: How nice to think of the items in the Fly Shop as toys!!

This shows Mary has a great mindset for blessing her home!! If you make it fun it will get done!

The Clog Cannon is back in the Fly Shop.

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