Pamper Mission 07/07/2013

Dear Friends,

Life can become so intense that even remembering to breathe properly is often overlooked. Studies show that we derive energy from breathing properly, but most
breathe in such a shallow manner that much of that energy remains untapped.

Each day, take time to rest flat on your back, with your hands on your tummy,
and breath in deeply enough to cause your stomach to rise. If you have
difficulty breathing deeply enough to cause the hands resting on your stomach to
rise, concentrate on relaxing all your muscles and take a deep breath through
your mouth instead of your nose. For some reason, I find it easier to take a
deeper breath through my mouth at first, but can then switch to my nose. Take a
deep breath through your nose making the stomach rise, hold the breath for a few
seconds, and then slowly release the breath through your mouth. Doing this for
several repetitions can almost instantly calm you and will give you added

Take time for you. You are so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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