What a Lovely Shower

Dear FlyLady,

A few years ago, we did a major renovation on our older mobile home.  Living room, kitchen and bath upgraded.  I am working at trying to keep it nice.

That bathroom was done over from the walls being plastered and painted, floor tiled, all new fixtures, recessed lighting.  It was gorgeous.  The tiny and slippery tub was taken out, and a large shower installed. You could shower 3 people at a time if you wanted to.  I choose not to, but I could.  It is that large.

Didn’t take too long before soap film was settling over the formerly shiny walls and glass doors.  I bought a little battery powered sprayer and the spray.  Supposedly, you push the button on the sprayer each time you shower.  Within a week, it is supposed to be all clean and shiny.  But, there wasn’t enough power in it to cover my large shower.  Gunk was taking over the whole thing, despite all the button pushing we did.  DH often griped that the shower was a mess.

I began cleaning it by hand.  What a chore! I tend toward perfectionism whenever I do a job.  So, it took a lot of time out of my day to make the shower shine.  Not to mention breathing in fumes from the cleanser.  Ick.  I began to hate my new shower.

Enter purple rags.  I hung one on the little rod I’d put up to hang that little sprayer from.  Each time I shower, I use that rag to wipe down one wall, or the doors, or the floor.  Just one minute.  No fumes.  All done with just water.  Rinse the rag under the shower head, hang it back up on the little rod to dry.

I love my shiny shower.  In fact, since I am doing the daily swish and swipe, the whole room looks beautiful.  The shower is the focal point of the whole, pretty room.   I am going to throw that little sprayer in the trash, and start using the bottles of soap it takes for my daily swish.

I wish it was that easy to keep up with the other rooms. I’m working on it.  Some days easier than others.

It’s not that DH has quit complaining.  He hasn’t.  It is just that he doesn’t complain about the bathroom any more. So, that is progress.  Right?

Thank you, Flylady.

Fluttering in Upper Michigan,  Twyla


FlyLady here: Some people are always going to complain. It is how we react to their fussing that keeps us strong. I know this from my first husband. The cleaner our house got the more he fussed about my weight. LOL Please clean your home for you!

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