Do They Work on Hair Clogs

Dear FlyLady,

Couple of things…

I have purchased several of your Flyshop items & love them. I do have a question though.

I have read so much about Clog Cannon. Does it work on hair clogs also? My DD has a beautiful head of hair. I visited her this past weekend at college & as we were grocery shopping, she pointed to Liquid Plumber & said she goes through a bottle a month in her bath tub in her town house. I know it is her hair. Will the Cannon work on hair clogs? Also, we can’t get the drain stopper out. Will the Cannon still work with the drain stopper in?

Also, I already started my Christmas shopping. Christmas gift giving is going to be smaller this year as we are traveling to New Orleans to visit my husband’s family and we aren’t going to take all that stuff with us. Just stocking things. Our kids are older & got a lot last year. (Both moved into townhouses & needed things to set up house)

On my side of the family, my niece & nephews were with me this past weekend to visit my daughter at school & they wanted Bowling Green University sweatshirts & Tshirts. I got all three taken care of for Christmas. Plus they got things they wanted. Also, found out mom & dad’s TV is dying so going together with my brother & sister for the TV. Go me!! My family is done!!

Thank you so much for all you do. Our home is a home (master bedroom is my sanctuary), company ready, hot spots cleared, mail & bills under control with your help. May not always be spotless. W own our own businesses so we both work 6 days a week but we are not embarrassed if someone drops in. Still working on planning dinner but getting better. Thank heavens for our crock pots!!

Thank you again!


Dear Diane,

There is nothing more frustrating than slow moving or clogged sinks, toilets or tubs. Even more frustrating is that all of the solutions to this problem are either expensive, chemically caustic or both!! Until NOW! The Clog Cannon is an amazing tool that will save you time, energy and money.

The Clog Cannon uses pressurized air to blast the clog through the pipes without any chemicals or a bill from the plumber.Yes is does work on hair clogs. There are detailed instructions in the box to walk you through exactly how to use your newest tool. Don’t wait until you have a plumbing emergency before you order!

This is a serious tool and is not intended to be used by children.

Order your Clog Cannon here!



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