A Normal Temperature Outside

Dear FlyLady,

I saw you speak last March at the Hearts at Home convention in Normal, IL last March, and have been a Flybaby ever since.

I purchased the 2 pack of your water bottles about 6 months ago and my 16 yr old daughter and I just love them.

My daughter has been diagnosed with a rare allergy, Cold Urticaria, which means she has allergic reactions to cold temperatures. Not only do her fingers burn, swell, and itch when she is out in weather under 60 degrees, but she also has reactions when she touches cold foods and drinks. Thankfully she can still eat and drink cold things but until we found your water bottle, it was difficult for her to hold a cup of a cold beverage without wearing gloves.

Your water bottle stays a normal temperature on the outside while keeping the beverage cold on the inside. I even have left ice water in the water bottle overnight to still find ice in it the next morning.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for everything you do, including bringing us great products that are life changing, in so many ways.

Much love,

Flybaby Katie and daughter Emily in Illinois

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